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BlueLine Software is a privately owned, California business specializing in police and private software development. In this untouched market BlueLine Software is positioning it self to be the leader in modernization of police departments report writing software throughout the United States.

BLS is dedicated to providing cutting edge software to police, security, and other report applications. Along with providing custom support and applications. 

BLS is seeking a variety of joint venture, financing, and marketing relationships that would aid in finalization and product release.

Currently, BLS is beta testing it's first product "Blueline ReportWizard" in local police and security departments, designed to assist the police officer in the field by reducing paper work and report writing time. With additional product add-ons and other applications in development.

BLS products are designed to capture a truly unique market. Noticing the Police Officers needs to reduce report writing time and effort. Currently 85% of the nation police reports are still hand written.

Through template and libraries our product surpasses any other product used to type reports. 

BLS has Police Officers and Programmers working together to design our products. With state of the art X86 based computer and current releases of development software and tools.

  Beta Testers/Technical Writers
Download the most recent versions here.


Win3.1x Any Questions or Problems can be submitted via the BlueLine Software Problems Form, or you can reach me at noslo@ecis.com