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Diablo MicroSystems
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Serving California since 1993

MIKE MASCARO started Diablo MicroSystems in 1993 to provide computer services to local offices. In 1997 while in attending college he began to focus more towards Medical and Dental computer systems and Digital Radiography systems which has enabled him and Diablo MicroSystems to become one of the prominent Bay Area computer service providers.

E-Mail Mike at .For information on Hardware & Web Site estimates, Network Solutions, Custom Systems and Digital X-ray.

ERIC OLSON joined the Diablo MicroSystems Team in 1998. Besides his background in Law Enforcement and their computer systems Eric has also brought his custom software applications for Medical and Police services to the company and has been instrumental in Developing Diablo’s Web Applications.

E-Mail Eric at .
Lead Programmer & Web Designer.

JT WILLIAMS was invited to join the Diablo MicroSystems Team because of his diverse skills in the computer industry. His Systems Administration skills have been an instrumental part of the company.

E-Mail JT at .
Network Consultant, Systems Administrator & Web Developer.

DAVID CRANE was brought onto the Diablo MicroSystems Team because of his sales skills.

E-Mail David at .
Sales Consultant.

JAKE FEUERBACHER was asked to join the Diablo MicroSystems Team because of his network engineer skills and the constant need to have a good technician available.

E-Mail Jake at .
Network Engineer.